The Stark Family Fund



The Stark Family Fund, established in 2002 by a $1.3 million bequest, supports a broad spectrum of projects in Prince Edward County.  Grant applications are reviewed by a Grant Selection Team from Prince Edward County.

Application forms can be downloaded at the bottom of this webpage.

Click here to learn about the Stark Sisters and the legacy they left.


The deadline for The Stark Family Fund grants is once a year. Starting in 2018, the deadline will be March 15th at 4:30 pm.  We expect to keep this deadline the same every year going forward.  On years when March 15 falls on a week-end, applications will be due on the following Monday.

Fields of Interest

Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Community Development, Education, and Health and Social Services.

Geographic Area

The geographic area served: the Municipality of Prince Edward County.


Specific Eligibility Criteria 

All project proposals must meet our general eligibility criteria.

Successful projects will be characterized by many of the following traits:

  • they build on existing community strengths and assets;
  • they respond to clearly identified local needs and provide demonstrable enrichment to the community;
  • they use resources efficiently and effectively;
  • they involve meaningful partnerships;
  • they strive for a significant and/or lasting impact;
  • they benefit a wide audience;
  • they show innovation, creativity, proactive thinking, and a degree of risk.

Grants for the following will not be considered:

  • to cover deficits or retire debts;
  • to provide endowment funds;
  • to support the operating expenses of established organizations or programs (including predictable replacement of office equipment);
  • for sectarian, religious, or political purposes;
  • to respond to annual fund drives for sustaining support.

Grants will not normally be given:

  • to contribute to major renovation or capital construction costs;
  • to individuals (with the exception of scholarships or other extraordinary cases where supported by an intermediary organization that is a charity registered with Canada Revenue Agency);
  • to provide money for fundraising activities;
  • to cover wages of full-time staff.

Preference is given to new initiatives but a promising program may receive more than one grant in its early years provided there is evidence that the program is developing successfully. An established program may receive a grant when it faces a new opportunity or an unexpected problem.

Application and Process

The Stark Family Fund is now only a one-stage application.

  1. Read the Stark Family Fund Application Guidelines.
  2. Download and complete The Stark Family Fund Application Form. Further instructions are available in the form.
  3. Download and complete the required Budget Form.
  4. Deliver one original copy and one exact photocopy of the Stark Family Fund Application form and Budget Form and any other required documents in person or by mail, to be received by the posted deadline to: Community Foundation for Kingston & Area 275 Ontario Street, Kingston, ON (new address beginning January 2018).  Faxed, handwritten, late or incomplete applications will not be considered.


Submit an electronic copy of your Application and budget sent to in place of hard copies! You must ensure that your application and all documents are received at the Foundation office by the deadline.  Please send as ONE PDF and do NOT zip your files.

5. You will be notified at the end of April or early May if your proposal has been successful.

6. You will receive your cheque at the grant celebration which will take place in early June.

Grant Agreements & Final Reporting

If you are awarded a grant, you will be required to sign a Grant Agreement Form outlining the Terms and Conditions of the award before you receive your cheque. You are required to complete a Final Report within 30 days  of the completion of your project. The Final Report is intended to help you evaluate the initiative and to help us evaluate the impact of our grants.  See the Next Steps section on our website for details.



Stark Family Fund Guidelines

Stark Family Fund Application Form

Budget Template

Confirmation of Partnership Agreement Form


If you are unable to use any of the PDF forms, please contact the office and we will send you another version.


For further assistance, please contact Penny Scott, Grants Coordinator of the Community Foundation at 613.546.9696 or email


275 Ontario Street Suite #100
Kingston, ON K7K 2X5
Phone: 613.546.9696
Fax: 613.531.9238