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The Challenge…gg-with-quote

Canada’s Governor General issued a challenge to community foundations: build a “smart and caring nation” for Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation in 2017.
Canada’s 150th is an historic moment with the power to bring people and places together as we dream big about what our communities and our country could be. It’s a chance to encourage all Canadians to contribute to their communities in a way that will foster a greater sense of belonging, support meaningful reconciliation and leave a lasting legacy now and for future generations.

Our Response…

We accepted this challenge locally, and you are invited to help us build a new Smart & Caring Community Fund as a legacy gift to our community. This fund is designed to be nimble and flexible, putting more money, more quickly, out in the community where it is most needed.
Smart & Caring Community Fund

This new fund will invest in priority areas based on evidence emanating from our Vital Signs® reports and discussions with community partners. In the near term, our focus areas are:

  • Getting Started – Giving children, youth and newcomers a strong start to life in our communities.
  • Food Security – Ensuring everyone has access to healthy food to fuel their bodies and minds; providing education for food choices and preparation.
  • Community Engagement – Inspiring everyone to be active participants in our communities, enriching our society.

Grants from this fund will be used to fund local community projects through our established Community Grants program.

Join us!

You are invited to help us grow our new Smart & Caring Community Fund so we can fund more great projects in our community now and for years to come. Help us leave a significant legacy gift to our communities to mark Canada’s 150th.

Become one of our 150 – we’re looking for 150 individuals/organizations to step up as Founding Contributors to this new fund with a pledge of $10,000. Create a permanent legacy of your commitment to our community. Click to learn more about how to become one of our 150 Smart & Caring Donors.

Or, you can make a gift of any size to the Smart and Caring Community Fund. All donations are welcome and appreciated.

To see the Governor General’s speech on developing smart and caring communities please visit The Governor General of Canada’s website.

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