Funds List

The Foundation offers a number of fund types to help you meet your philanthropic goals. You may make a gift to an existing fund, or create your own.


Fund Types

Agency Funds are for registered charities that can benefit by having the Foundation manage endowment funds for them.

Community Funds are the Foundation’s broadest funds, supporting charitable organizations in Kingston & Area by providing grants for local projects in all of our nine Fields of Interest.

Donor Advised Funds allow you or your family to annually participate in selecting the agencies or projects that will benefit from your gift.

Donor Designated Funds allow you to name specific charitable organization(s) to receive the annual grants when you establish the fund.

Field of Interest Funds allow you to identify a specific field of interest that you wish to support. Grants are awarded through our Community Grants program to fund local projects in areas that are meaningful to you.

Operating Endowment Funds provide the Foundation with vital administration funding that supports the Foundation’s day-to-day activities and programming such as running our Community Grants program and the production of our annual community report.


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