Want to Set Up a Fund?

It’s easy to set up your own endowment fund. We will do all the paperwork, and we look after issuing your annual grant cheques. You simply need to make four decisions:

1. The Timing:

Do you want your fund to be established:

  • Now (and you can start giving grants and seeing impact right away)
  • Over time, through contributions
  • Later, through your estate

2. The Type of Fund:

Pick the type of fund based on what you would like to support and how involved in the annual decision making you want to be. We have a variety of fund types to choose from, and we can help you pick the one that is right for you based on your interests.

3. The Payout Option:

You can choose from:

  • traditional endowment fund– a ‘forever fund’ where only earnings will be spent
  • Our new ‘enhanced spending’ option– which will draw down the capital of your fund over time; so it won’t last forever, but it will grant more money out each year (while still lasting a long time!)

4. How to Give:

You can choose any number of financial tools to establish and grow your fund, including: cheque, credit card, securities, life insurance, or charitable bequest. Your gift can be one time, or pledged over a period of time (monthly or annually).
Creation of a fund does not require a large initial donation. All we ask is that the fund achieves the minimum for a named fund ($10-25,000 depending on the type of fund) within five years. You decide how much you want to give over what period of time.

We are grateful for all gifts to the Foundation and would be happy to speak with you about your charitable giving goals.

For further information about establishing an endowment fund, please call us at 613.546.9696.

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